LOMO The language of many others


Director: Julia Langhof

Actors: Marie-Lou Sellem,  Rainer Sellien,  Lucie Hollmann, Jonas Dassler, Peter Jordan, …

Sound Mix at K13 Kinomischung


Karl (Jonas Dassler) seems to have a perfect family. His father Michael is an architect, his mother Krista (Marie-Lou Sellem) a former singer, both are satisfied. Karl`s twin sister is grading for Highschool and she has already plans for her studies. Karl, however, is still haphazard. He likes to write for his blog “The language of many others” and, among other things, he presents pictures from his family day, which he puts in context to similar situations of families all over the world. The situation changes when Karl falls in love with his new classmate Doro (Lucie Hollmann) and believes that he finally has found something special. But Doro is only playing with him – and so the hopelessness finally takes place in Karl’s life, From then on he lets his life being dictated by his “followers”, since everything seems to get arbitrary for him…