Director: Ritesh Batra

Premiere at Sundance 2019 / International Premiere at Berlinale 2019

Sound Re-Recording: Michael Kaczmarek at K13

Sound Mixer: Jörg Theil

Sounddesign: Moritz Hoffmeister

Sound Editor: Adrian Lo

Rafi works hard to stay afloat as a photographer in Mumbai. Sharing his modest accommodation with other unmarried men, he sends his money home to pay off his father’s debts and dreams of a better life. One day he takes a picture of a young woman in front of the Gateway of India – and from this moment on he can think of nothing else. Miloni is a model student attending a school for auditors and is headed for university. When Rafi’s grandmother arrives, determined to marry off her grandson, Miloni agrees to masquerade as Rafi’s girlfriend. As the two begin to meet more and more often, Rafi shows Miloni, who has led a sheltered existence, unknown facets of their city.

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